Monday, May 22, 2006

Goodnight, sweet prince

Pyewacket, 1987-2006

The first cat I ever knew who preferred love to food. He has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives. He was our companion, our friend, and our fellow explorer. May your journey be a good one, my sweet Pye, and may we meet again.


Jenny Lou said...

I am so sorry for your loss with your love Pye. Really was a beautiful cat and I know a great traveler. Maybe there's another Pye just waiting out there to meet you.

UffDaKLU said...

David and Marilyn,
I am very sorry. Looks like Pye loved the printer, too! Or was that to get your attention away from the computer?

David Arenson said...

Actually, he loved the printer because it was warm, and was located below a lamp that also was warm, and because it was next to the computer, where we always seemed to be. So he could be comfortable and at the center of attention, and he liked to offer up comments on a variety of subjects. Later, when we got a different printer, he would lie on the computer table in front of the keyboard, and he would put his head over my wrist for a pillow, which made typing rather difficult.

Anonymous said...

Losing a pet is very difficult. They are dependent upon us for everything (especially if they are indoor animals), and we love them like children.

I remember all of my animals with great fondness, and the pain of losing them is only offset by the knowledge that you have taken them off the street and provided for them.

For all of my animals have been rescued strays.

David Arenson said...

Losing a pet is especially hard after so many years, and also when the pet has a loving personality and is truly bonded to you. Pye was quite a cat, a great joy and also a great comfort to both of us during the time of my CLL diagnosis.

Pye was a rescue, too. He was abandoned at an RV park, and to make a long story short, we eventually found his original owner's sister, who knew his birthdate and something of his history. We adopted him when he was seven, so we had him for 12 years. We also eventually found his original owner, who felt he would have a better home with us (and since he ran away from her and toward us when he saw her coming, he voted with all four feet.) She said seven was "old" for a cat. She'd have been amazed at how long he lived -- 19 was quite old, but not old enough!

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
I just now read about your loss of Pye.I have lost dearly loved pets and it is never easy.
I am so sorry for your and Marilyn's loss.

Betty in NM said...

Oh David and Marilyn, I'm so very sad over your loss of Pye. I had hoped to meet him one day, and perhaps I still will on the other side. I know that he is waiting for you both at the Rainbow Bridge and will be so very happy to see you again.
Betty and the furry pair in NM

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. Pets define unconditional love. I'm sure only time will help you get past that empty feeling.


John Wagner said...

I haven't been on the computer too much this past week and just now read this. I am so sorry for your loss. Some people can't understand how we can be so upset over the loss of a pet. But they truly do become a part of your family and it hurts when they are gone. I hope your pain will begin to ease in the not too distant future.

David Arenson said...

Marilyn and I thank you all for your comments. We miss him greatly. It gets a little easier, but I still expect him to walk around the corner at any moment, and at night I miss the little footfalls on the bed as he approaches, curls up next to me, and purrs.

It is also important for us to remember that now he is no longer in pain, and that he had a very long and good life. According to the chart at the vet's office, 19 for a cat is equal to 92 for a human. Would that we, and all those we love, could live to be 1,000 (with our looks and health when we were 20!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Marilyn and David,
I am so very sorry to read about your loss. I know you will miss him so much in the days ahead. So very sorry and hope that you can get past the sad stage, and remember your guy with a smile. It takes a while.