Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rocking the house

Hey, this is not my usual post, but these have not been the usual days. Suffice to say that the AIHA decided to get more evil and pernicious and I decided to whup its ass back, along with the CLL. So I am now doing my first "real" chemo. I will explain here all in good time, but when your hemoglobin is in the sixes and you have had the last couple of weeks that I've had, a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially a dancing picture. If this cockatoo can rock, so can I. This is where my spirit is, even if the flesh is weak.

Ladies and gentlemen, Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo (someday I'll figure out how to do a proper embed; until then follow the link to YouTube). The Backstreet Boys never sounded this good (?!)


Anonymous said...

Your friends are tracking you. Thanks for keeping
up with us.
Postive thoughts and best of luck to you and Marilyn!
Go David and Snowball. Keep the rhythm to the beat!

Pat Stanton said...

Hi David,
I am rooting for you. Keep up the good fight. Your blog has been invaluable to me.Your knack of explaining things in laymen's terms coupled with your quirky sense of humor has made this nightmare a little more tolerable.

Anonymous said...

David, Your humor and your energy are what keep bringing me back. Snowball is a hoot, but it surely would be great to see you rock.

Prayers and positive thoughts are in the cyber stream for you.


jerry said...

Positive thoughts and all the best to you. I had two cockatoos-a moluccan-a real clown, one one like you had. They are pertpetual three year olds, wanting constant attention. They will pay you back in love and affection 200 fold. Personal problems arose and they went to new homes. Now I have a lovable African Grey, who really talks to you interactively. He also got the Cockatoos in trouble by mimicking them, when they actually said nothing. Now he calls my yellow lab, Emma, when she barks, and tries to calm her down. Good Emma, Nice Emma, and then does my whistle for her. I too am very concerned about you, and you have inspired me as an example.
I have tried writing to you. Dr. Byrd was just in the Bethesda MD area about a month ago talking about CLL. Regards, Jerry
Please feel free to contact me.

David Arenson said...

Thank you all for your encouraging words. It is really appreciated at a time like this.

Jerry, I have been a bit remiss in my correspondence and checking my blog e-mail for obvious reasons. Even sitting at the computer can get tiring after an hour or two. I'm sort of on a nap, function for a bit, nap, function for a bit regimen.