Monday, February 13, 2006


The CLL community has a new internet meeting place:

This site has been put together by people with a lot of energy and dedication and I have agreed to serve as a moderator.

Here's the "official" announcement:

We are writing to announce the launch of a new internet resource for CLL patients and their caregivers.

This new site uses a different format than that of the ACOR listserv. It offers an expanded ability to communicate and interact, with subforums for a variety of CLL-related topics, as well as some off-topic options for those who just want to talk about other things. The software allows you to upload pictures, use an avatar to represent you in your posts, change font sizes and colors, use emoticons, and so on. We hope this will be a creative and fun way to communicate and build an online community. Our format also allows you to pick and choose from a menu of things you want to read about and participate in -- for example, those who want to discuss CLL treatment can do so without being interrupted by those who want to chat about the weather. There are no banned topics and we have areas for freewheeling debate.

CLL Forum is not intended to compete with the ACOR list, of which we are all members and will remain members. ACOR is an invaluable resource and its members have gone on to create any number of useful complementary websites, including CLL Topics, the Yahoo discussion groups, and various blogs. We believe this new site will be a helpful part of the constellation of places where patients and their caregivers can go for information and support.

We welcome you to check it out, participate, or just lurk, and we are interested in your comments and suggestions. Your input will help us build the site and tailor it to your needs.

Introducing the CLL Forum:


Steve Madden
Denise England
Jenny Lou Park

Kurt Grayson
David Arenson

That pretty much sums it up. Stop by and check it out!

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